Best fingerprint solutions that developers prefer

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In the struggle against internet misuse and fraudulent activities, device fingerprinting has become an important component. Establishing a persistent, distinctive identity for a client is the goal of fingerprinting. Following that, this identification can be used to identify if one account exists across different devices or if numerous accounts for other users have been created from one device. Know more about device fingerprinting solutions for developers

The development of strong and distinctive device fingerprints will continue to become more challenging in the coming years as privacy laws and technological advances evolve. For this reason, it is essential to use additional methods in addition to fingerprinting, such as threat scoring, data synthesis, and social analysis.

  1. FingerprintJS

FingerprintJS’s simplified interface makes it user-friendly. FingerprintJS, founded in 2013 by Valentin Vasilyev, became funded by venture capital in 2020 and developed FingerprintJS Pro, a more sophisticated and precise client authentication service. Due to its client-side delivery, the freely available version’s precision is limited. However, switching from the trial version to the Premium plan, which is paid for, is a simple process.

  1. CreepJS

With a wide variety of detecting methods, CreepJS is probably the most completely free fingerprinting program out there. It finds flaws and privacy breaches in anti-fingerprinting plugins that are currently available, including Privacy Badger and Trace. It provides instruments for automation and strong fingerprinting for more secure browsers, like Brave.

  1. Supercookie

Supercookie is a creative software that gives website visitors a special identification by using graphical icons. This ID, compared with normal tracking techniques, can be kept permanently and is difficult for the user to remove. This tracking technique is not disabled by clearing the cache, shutting down the browser, or installing an ad blocker. It operates even when using the incognito mode.

  1. Castle

Castle offers a complete device fingerprinting solution that prioritizes statistics and amplification. It helps with testing algorithms on past data and developing real-time algorithms for identifying shared accounts and multi-accounting. You can use your device fingerprints to their greatest potential with this driven-by-information method.


An independent fingerprinting software that concentrates on its essential features is provided by Additionally, it has capabilities like spam identification, incognito identification, and location. It does not offer the justification needed for deciding on the fingerprint evidence.

  1. Seon

Seon is a profitable fingerprinting system that places a high value on information enhancement, which improves the precision and intensity of its device fingerprinting characteristics. Similar to Castle, Seon uses compilations to use fingerprints in more complex ways. Seon specializes in information enhancement, such as locating connections on social media connected to a phone number or email address, while Castle concentrates on displaying information and analytics.


Developers may ensure the safety of their software and the confidentiality of their clients by choosing a device fingerprinting solution with greater knowledge and by keeping up with current trends. Achievement in this constantly evolving environment will depend on one’s capacity to predict changes and make the required modifications.